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Our organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  We travel to various competitions in the Southeast for the Florida Federation of Colorguards Circuit and to Dayton, Ohio for the Winter Guard International (WGI) World Championships.  Most of our competitions are about 4 hours away from Tallahassee, which requires us to pay for hotel rooms for our members since our performance times are normally in the late-evening or two-day events. Our trip to Ohio includes a 774 mile drive and a week-long stay.  Each season, we need to pay membership fees for WGI and FFCC, insurance, buy new uniforms, a performance floor, flags, props for our shows, practice space, and any unexpected expenses.  All of that money adds up pretty quickly and depletes our funds.  Our program is funded by member's dues, fundraisers, and generous donations from people like yourself.  Most of our members are full-time college students and dedicate about 7 months to an activity they are passionate about - performance arts!  With that in mind, most of our members sacrifice their money and free time to be able to perform with us as they try to balance their classes, assignments, jobs and an activity they love.

Please consider donating any amount to our organization to help keep member's dues down and our program up and running!  We truly appreciate any donations that can be made to our program.

Donation can be made in a variety of ways.  Receipts are provided for donations (upon request).

Venmo - You can donate to our team's Venmo account.  Simply send money to @FloridaStateWinterGuard.

GoFundMe - You can donate to our 2018 Season GoFundMe Page.  

YouCaring - You can donate to our 2018 Season on our YouCaring Fund Page.  COMING SOON!

We truly appreciate any amount you can donate and appreciate your time!